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20201119-Eastern Screech Owl-2

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Huntertown, IN
Cause of Admission

On November 19th, we received a call about an eastern screech owl that had been sitting on someone's front porch in Huntertown, Indiana. The homeowner said that the owl had been there for approximately six hours. The owl wasn't startled when we came near it and seemed dazed. We were easily able to walk over to the owl and pick it up.   On initial examination, we were unable to find anything wrong with the owl. He had a healthy weight and keel score, and his wings, feet, and legs showed no signs of broken bones. He even pooped on one of our volunteers and winked for his picture! Hopefully, he will be able to be released soon.     Thank you! 11/24/2020 This owl appears to be healthy. It has been moved to our rehabilitation enclosures to be observed for a few more days. Just to ensure it can continue to fly well and find food on its own