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20201112-Turkey Vulture-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Fort Wayne,IN
Cause of Admission
Broken wing

So while I was coming home from an earlier rescue, another call out came up and it was some 10 minutes from my house. Went to the house and had to locate the bird. It was sunning itself on the 3rd tier of a garden. When I went to get it, it proceeded to run around thru the bushes hear their house. He kept running back and forth until he got hung up in the ground ivy. Thank God for a net. Without it I would not have been able to run him down. He almost got out of the net twice when I went to get my box and when I was putting on my gloves. He was fast. These folks were aware of us. They said they loved having the bird around because it was an excellent cleaner for the neighborhood.   Took this bird to ICU, where Nicole again did the triage and it was found to have an old break on the left wing. Bird was very feisty and will hopefully pull thru. As always we hope and pray these animals will be able to return to nature. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.   Bill Oberg 11/13/2020 this young vulture has an old healed fracture of its left wing at the elbow. It is not able to fly at this moment. Unless that changes he will not be able to be released. It as otherwise healthy bird 11/27/2020 this vulture has been moved to our rehabilitation facility