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20191227-Red Shouldered Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cause of Admission
Long gash on shoulder

            Today I got a call from Auburn Hills Animal Hospital in Auburn, IN. A concerned citizen had brought an injured Red Shouldered Hawk to the vet. He said he saw the bird just sitting beside the road so he picked it up and delivered it to the vet. The vet called us to see if we would pick it up, so I drove to get it, then delivered it to ICU, where it was discovered that his last meal was a whole bunch of frogs! 12/29/19 This Hawk is a juvenile . It was discovered to have an open wound on its left shoulder/back area. It will have xrays and an exam by our veterinarian. It was treated with an antibiotic and medication for pain. It appeared to be dehydrated so it was given subcutaneous fluids 1/5/2020 This hawk no longer requires treatment so it has been moved to our rehabilitation facility 1/12/19 This young hawk is still not eating well on its own so it was taken back to our treatment facility