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20191224-Eastern Screech Owl-2

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Cromwell, In
Cause of Admission
Possible car strike

A second Eastern Screech Owl was discovered by a kind caller. They contacted our rescue line and a volunteer was available to go pick it up. This owl is a grey phase but unfortunately it appears to be in more distress than the owl that had been picked up earlier in the day. This owl was also found in the road also an apparent car strike,It was evaluated in our treatment facility. It was lethargic and dehydrated.It's left eye is injured. It is unable to stand on its own. It was treated with medication for pain and given subcutaenous fluids to help with its dehydration. It will be evaluated by our veterinary staff. 12/29/19 This owl has an injury to its eye and no other apparent injuries were found when it was examined by our veterinarian. It's treatment for pain continues in our treatment facility 1/5/2020 This Owl continues it's treatment in our treatment facility 1/12/2020 This owl continues treatment in our treatment facility. 1/19/2020 This owl has been moved to our rehabilitation facility. This guy has been determined to be non releasable. Our placement coordinator will find a facility for it. 02/02/2020 This owl's status remains the same 03/02/2020 This owl has been moved to one of our experienced volunteers. She will work with it so it becomes comfortable being handled as an education bird 04/05/2020 This owl's status remains the same 05/05/2020 This owl's status remains the same 06/06/2020 Our placement coordinator is still trying to find a facility to take this bird as their permanent resident 08/01/2020 This owl's status remains the same 09/06/2020 This owl's status remains the same