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20191222-Red Tail Hawk-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Rome City, IN
Cause of Admission

On 12/23/19 at 4:07, I received a call from the Site Manager at Gene Stratton-Porter, Rome City. She stated that one of the volunteers, John Lipasek found a injured RTH that was hopping on the ground with a possible injured wing. I drove to the site, John was on location and had the Bird under a fishing net. I picked the bird up and assessed the wing and found no apparent injury.    I took the Bird to our ICU, Jillian and Jenette were there they could not find any Injury. They medicated and hydrated bird. 12/23/19 The veterinarian performed a complete exam and did xrays today. A fractured proximal right ulna was discovered. This hawk will continue treatment 12/29/19 Treatment continues for this hawk's wing injury. Physical therapy has started also. 1/5/2020 This Hawk continues its physical therapy in our treatment facility 1/12/20 Physical therapy is going well for this hawk. Pain medication continues so it will stay in the treatment facility as long as medication is required 02/02/2020 This hawk has been moved to our rehabilitation facility. Creance training has begun. This is when a bird is tethered and flown a specific distance. The volunteers then observe the bird's quality of flight so it can be determined if the bird is releasable