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20191221-Eastern Screech Owl-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Huntington, IN
Cause of Admission
Possible car strike

Received a group text from Lynne late afternoon asking if someone could pick up an Eastern Screech owl in South Whitley. And off we go!   When we arrived we found a red phase Eastern Screech owl tucked inside a small animal crate lined with straw. It looked alert and comfortable in it’s little nest. The caller, Kathy, said as they were pulling out of their driveway they noticed an unusual bird on the side of the road. They live in a rural area on a fairly busy state route so they went to investigate. As they approached they discovered it was an owl. It didn’t move as they got closer and were able to pick it up. They had been to our presentations so they knew who to call.   They think the little guy was hit by a car due to where it was found. The only injury we saw was to it’s left eye, it was swollen shut. When we tried to transfer it to our carrier it became quite the fiesty bird.   We got this guy to ICU where the crew did a physical exam and treatment.   Good luck little one !12/22/19 This owl will be examined by our veterinarian on Monday and have xrays taken 12/23/19 The veterinarian's examination revealed decreased IOP of the left eye and blood in the left eye 12/29/19 Treatment continues for this owl 1/5/2020 Treatment has been completed for this owl and it has been moved to our rehabilitation facility 02/02/2020 This owl's injured eye is not functioning properly. Our veterinarian staff has determined it is non-releasable. Our placement coordinator has been informed