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20191004-Eastern Screech Owl-01

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Corruna ,IN
Cause of Admission
Possibly hit by a car

Picked up this Dazed but beautiful little Owl in the Corunna area on Friday late afternoon. It was showing signs of confusion and had an eye injury. The people who found it, found it in the driveway. It's very possible it side swiped a vehicle 10/06/19 This Owl is dehydrated and has damage to its left eye. It is being treated with subcutaneous fluids and eye drops to help with any pain in its eye. It has been eating well , so that is a benefit for it 10/13/19 This Owl is still in our treatment facility. It is receiving treatment for its eye. It is also receiving pain medication. He is starting to "perk" up a bit . which always makes us happy 10/21/2019 We are continuing treatment for this bird.It is slowly starting to eat on its own 10/28/19 Because this owl's vision has not returned , our veterinarian team has determined it is non releasable. It is eating well on its own and no longer requires any medication 11/3/19 Our placement coordinator believes she has found a facility for this screech owl and the other screech owl that is non releasable 12/15/19 There has been no change to this birds status 1/5/2020 The status of this bird has not changed 02/02/2020 The status of this owl remains the same