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20151221-Eastern Screech Owl

Grey Eastern Screech Owl
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Dekalb County
Cause of Admission
Hit by a vehicle.

They were driving along a road in Dekalb county when an owl suddenly flew out of some pine trees into their path.  They turned around and picked up the little guy.  They initially thought he was dead as he just laid on the pavement.  When the husband went to move him off the road, the screech clenched his feet. The husband is a firefighter and realized the urgency in finding someone to take care of him.  The homeschooled 12 year old son, who wants to be a conservation officer, was very concerned that the owl be handled properly and be quickly gotten to someone who could treat him.  They were kind enough to go out of their way to deliver the owl to Soarin Hawk on a cold December evening.   Case #122115-ESOW Exam : good weight, no apparent fractures, blood in his mouth (which could indicate bleeding in the lungs or air sacs), scrapes on left foot, both eyes appear uninjured.   Treatment: pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, warmth, quiet. UPDATE: Case #122115-ESOW: The screech owl is doing great and is in a large flight pen for a couple of reasons.  First, we want to make sure he can fly well- doing turns, flying up to high perches, landing well, etc.  Secondly, we want him to be in top physical condition so that he will be able to hunt well when he is released.  Hopefully we will be able to release him this Friday, January 15.   We will release him back where he came from because he may have a mate waiting for him and he will also know where the best hunting is.  It is not a definite date, but it is very weather dependent and dependent on his flying. If there is too much snow on the ground, we will wait to release him.  Their food, lots of mice, make burrows under the snow which makes it harder for them to find and catch their food. It is supposed to get up to 45 degrees on Friday which should melt most of the snow.  So keep checking back and we will let you know when the lucky little screech owl will be released Case #122115-ESOW Update on Screech Owl:  fortunately no injuries were found on his radiographs.  He had no more blood in his mouth today, his lungs and air sacs are clear on the radiographs, and he is breathing normally today....all an indication there was no major damage to his respiratory system!  He will spend Christmas inside a warm building at Soarin' Hawk.  If he is eating well and acting normal, he will be moved outside to a flight pen after the holidays.